Monday, January 27, 2014

i wish I were a flea

I wish I were a little flea so that I could climb into the soft fur behind Abby's ear and fall fast asleep.

Friday, January 24, 2014

the sanctuary of this little space

Guess What!? They weren't in the trunk after all! They were in the back seat in my hba bag.  So I finished up my chapter. Popped a pill, then finished the book, continued with another book I had stopped in the middle of then took a nap....happily.  Now I'm in a great mood and my tingly legs are feeling a little better.  Much warmer too.  I have a lot on my mind  though. EBay, Birdie, HNH stuff, my mom and the ever knawing financial issues. More on that later. 30 minutes til hunny gets off work and we head home.  ( secretly hoping something ties him up so that the sanctuary of the little space in this car is prolonged a little).

better they are in the trunk!

I can't remember if I expressed my anxiety about having to drive Clifford to work and then back to pick him up but guess what, I DID IT! I missed the first exit on the way back to the hotel this morning but I gathered my composure and did it. Now I'm in the Sheetz parking lot 3 hours before he gets off waiting. I like being stuck in the car though. I don't know why, but I do. So now I sit with my cracked kindle totally relaxing and trying to decide if I should venture out into the 16' temperature to get myself a pain pill.  If only I would have counted them before I packed them away in trunk.  That would have totally made up my mind. I'll just sit here and read for a while until those pills overpower the words on the pages of my book.  Better they are in the trunk.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas sucked!

I'm loving that I can just blog whenever I please! Ok.. Major updates.  I'm guessing that I should have read my last blog to see where I ended. 

Christmas SUCKED this year.  I mean totally freaking sucked! Kait got $200 off her car balance and $190 toward a new hair piece that she wan and a few very small gifts. The boys got nothing (not the the disrespect for their father has earned them anything anyway).  We didn't even get our families anything with the exception of Savannah  and that was a bracelet that I got for her at bike week in September.  I wrapped up a few little things that I had found a while ago for Marina and Shy Shy and I gave Sandy, Jen and Melissa a little bag of some stuff I couponed for. I had intended to give that stuff to my Mom and sisters but frankly, those girls have been why more to me than my family. I have my issues with all of them but there is no doubt in my mind that they wouldn't do anything for  me, and me
for them. I just love them. My HNH have changed my life for the good and for the bad. I LOVE the new me. I'm actually doing some things to help keep the world spinning and it makes me feel AMAZING. family hates them. . They think I put HNH before them, which mostly I do, but if you could stand in the sunshine or the rain which would you choose?  Right!! Anyway...took some pain and sleeping pills and want to read myself to sleep some I have to drive Clifford to work in the AM. (not happy) I hate driving in unfamiliar territory.  Talk about anxiety!! More tomorrow! Night!

holla back

Ha! Finally  that shit worked!! What what!?! Now I'll be blogging like a MF'er! =D so, new goal!!! FOLLOWERS!! SO HOLLA BACK! Gimme a hey, how ya doin, fuck you or sumpin!!! Thanks I. Advance!

does ot work?

I have been trying and trying to get this blogging business on my phone for some time now.  Lets see if it works!